1. Migration and Resilience during a Global Crisis” (with many co-authors)
    European Economic Review 158(Sep): 104524 (2023)

Working Papers

  1. External Validity and Implementation at Scale: Evidence from a Migration Loan Program in Bangladesh” (with Mushfiq Mobarak, Karim Naguib, Maira Emy Reimao, and Ashish Shenoy)
  2. Herder-Related Violence, Agricultural Work, and the Informal Sector as a Safety Net” (with Jeffrey Bloem, Amy Damon, and David Francis)

Works in Progress

  1. “The Dynamics of Market Access”
  2. “Build it and They Will Modernize: Structural Change and Village Creation” (STEG PhD Research Grant)
  3. “Land Inequality and Rural Structural Transformation: Evidence from India” (with Frances Lu and Manaswini Rao)